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clutch brake clutch&brake esb vnb stc sr slipring ort nab hd frc dmb ccb power module

Cut model showing inside
Product of Ortlinghous company in Germany. Pneumatic driven type. Enguneering service by OSAKI DENGYOSHA.

1. No timing adjustment for clutch and brake as their related action.
2. As compacted, easy to design and assembling.
3. Easy to assemble and maintenance for its separated type discs.
4. Rasonable cost.
Specification and dimension.
Please refer to us.

Please specify followings on your order.
1. Brake name. Type and model No.  
2. Brake torque.
3. Diameter of shaft hole.
4. Input voltage.
(of power unit)  AC/DC
5. Power source unit.
Model No.
6. Former mfg.No. (for replacement)  No. (for replacement)
7. Special spec.  
8. Reqired pieces and delivery date
9. Your name and company name.
10. Your correspondence No. Tel/Fax/E-mail: